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Local government of Holy Karbala installs AI-powered surveillance camera system

The local government in the holy city of Karbala has announced the completion of the second phase of installing surveillance cameras and putting them into service, using an advanced system that utilizes artificial intelligence features to save time and provide faster results.

According to Anwar Al-Yassari, the head of the security committee in the provincial council, the advanced surveillance camera system is of great importance in maintaining the security of the province, keeping negative incidents at bay, and supporting the efforts of security forces in safeguarding the security and safety of visitors and citizens.

Al-Yassari stated in a press release followed by the Shia Agency Agency: “The mission of the camera system is to monitor street movement and traffic congestion areas, as well as to monitor negative incidents and violators so that security patrols can confront them.”

Meanwhile, the media director of Holy Karbala Police, Colonel Ihsan Al-Asadi, explained that “the second phase of installing surveillance cameras included 400 modern cameras to be added to the number of the first phase, which included 1200 cameras.”

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