49th Annual Joint Islamic Conference kicks off in Baltimore

Yesterday, Saturday, the 49th annual joint conference of the “Islamic Circle of North America” (ICNA) and the “Muslim American Society” (MAS) launched in Baltimore, marking the largest annual Islamic gathering in the United States. The event attracts thousands of Muslims, including academics, religious scholars, and lecturers.

The conference, held at the Baltimore Convention Center from May 25 to 27, brings together tens of thousands of Muslims from various American states under the theme “Unwavering Faith: Trust in God’s Will”.

The “Islamic Circle of North America” was founded in 1968 by South Asian Muslims in the United States and became a more inclusive organization in 1977, uniting non-governmental Islamic organizations in North America.

Meanwhile, the “Muslim American Society” was established in 1993 by Middle Eastern Muslims, particularly from Egypt, to unite Muslims in the United States and conduct cultural activities across various fields. MAS has more than 50 offices across the United States.

The annual conference by ICNA and MAS is held twice a year, first in late May and second in late December. ICNA leads the organization of the first conference in Baltimore, while MAS organizes the second conference in Chicago.

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