Europe experiencing record-breaking January heat wave

At least eight countries in Europe are experiencing record high January temperatures, according to meteorologists.

Climatologist Maximiliano Herrera, who studies extreme temperatures, has collated data from around Europe.

His findings show that countries including Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Czech Republic are experiencing record-breaking temperatures.

In Korbielów, Poland, thermometers recorded 19 degrees Celsius, a temperature more commonly experienced in May and 18C higher than the 1C annual average for January.

Javorník in the Czech Republic is usually around 3C at this time of year, but has recorded a temperature of 19.6C.

In Germany, almost 950 local records were broken across the country at small measuring stations between December 31 and January 2.

Scientists are still trying to work out the reason for the unseasonal temperatures, but, what they are sure of, however, is that these anomalous heat waves are going to continue to become more common and more extreme thanks to global warming.

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