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Muslim Council of Britain warns politicians against using Muslims as a “punching bag”

According to a recent report published by the “The Independent”, the Muslim Council of Britain has issued a warning to British party leaders to avoid targeting Muslims in their election campaigns and not to use them as a “punching bag” amid the ongoing war in Gaza and the attacks on Muslim mosques.

The Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim organization in the UK, has called on party leaders not to target minorities during the general election campaigns scheduled for the beginning of July.

The council expressed hope for a hopeful electoral pressure after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the parliamentary election date as July 4.

British political parties are facing a crisis of trust among Islamic communities due to the ongoing war in Gaza, according to media reports.

The president of the Muslim Council, Zara Mohammed, urged political parties and anyone seeking votes to run a hopeful election campaign, confront all calls to scapegoat Muslims, and support a future where all Britons play a positive role.

The official added: “The call comes in a year where party leaders and the media have doubled their anti-Muslim rhetoric, portraying them as the enemy within, and have downplayed their right to play an equal role in our democracy.”

A survey conducted by the “Hope Not Hate” center found that 58% of Conservative Party members believe that Islam poses a threat to British society, while support for the Labour Party among Muslims has declined due to the position of party leader Keir Starmer on the war in Gaza.

During the 2019 general election, the Muslim Council of Britain accused the Conservative Party of having a “blind spot” when it comes to Islamophobia, as former Prime Minister Boris Johnson described Muslim women wearing veils as “letterboxes,” leading to a 375% increase in Islamophobic crimes.

The Council’s president concluded that the war in Gaza is a major concern for most Muslims in Britain. Hate crimes against Muslims have significantly increased in March, reaching a rate of 356% with individuals being targeted for their support for Palestinians.

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