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Misbah Al-Hussein-affiliated Al-Hasna Kindergarten organizes graduation ceremony

In celebration of the end of the current academic year, Al-Hasna Kindergarten—one of the centres affiliated to the Holy Karbala-based Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development—has concluded its 7th academic year 2023-2024.

The kindergarten’s administration, which teaches based on the global Montessori curriculum, organized a joyful ceremony attended by the students and their families to mark the end of a school year with various educational and scientific activities.

The director of Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation, Mr. Abdul Sahib Al-Kishwan, said that Al-Hasna Kindergarten is one of the most important developmental projects launched by the foundation, adding that it aims to build a person’s character from early childhood.

The foundation has been keen on caring for childhood and building its future in line with the values of Islam, as well as the noble customs and traditions of Iraqi society.

The graduation ceremony featured activities performed by boys and girls from this kindergarten, which showed the success of this kindergarten’s teaching method and its experienced teachers.

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