More than 18M Yemenis in dire need of humanitarian assistance, UNICEF says

The UNICEF has released its regular report on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, highlighting that more than 18M people across the country are estimated to be in dire need of assistance.

The report, released on Sunday and examined the situation from January to March 2024, said that more than 18.2M people in Yemen, including 9.8M children are estimated to require humanitarian assistance and protection in 2024, with 4.5M people estimated to be internally displaced.

The UN humanitarian agency confirmed that during the first quarter of the year, among the 4.56 million people who remain displaced across the country, nearly 1.5 million Yemenis impacted by the conflict and climate live in 2,382 collective displacement sites.

On the medical and health situation, the report emphasized that Yemen experienced the largest ever reported cholera outbreak in recent history (2016-2022), which resulted in over 2.5 million suspected cases and 4,000 deaths.

More than 550,000 children under 5 years were screened for malnutrition, the report said, adding that out of these, 50,266 children with SAM (a rare disorder of the arteries) identified and admitted in Outpatient Treatment Programmes (OTPs).

The report explained that thousands of people also received life-saving education on risks posed by mines, unexploded ordnances, and explosive remnants of war.

It concluded that food insecurity is expected to increase and in areas controlled by the Sana’a-based authorities, Emergency (IPC Phase 4) is expected in governorates where a majority of households previously relied on food assistance and are unable to compensate for the ongoing pause of assistance from WFP since December 2023.

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