Istanbul’s historic Kariye Mosque reopens after restoration process

After serving as a museum for almost 80 years, Istanbul’s historic Kariye Mosque has reopened for worship following an extensive four-year restoration process, TRT World reported.

Kariye Mosque, also known as Chora, was originally built in the 4th century during the Byzantine era, with architectural changes over the centuries. The then-church was converted into a mosque in the 16th century, after the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul.

During World War II, the historic building was turned into a museum under the Museum Administration in 1948, but a 2020 presidential decree reverted its status to a mosque.

Situated near Istanbul’s ancient city walls, The Kariye Mosque is famed for its elaborate mosaics and frescoes dating back to the 4th century, although the edifice took on its current form in the 11th-12th centuries.

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