Fish species are exposed to death due to climate change, Bangladeshi scientists say

Experts have warned that the detrimental impact of climate change in the Bangladeshi city of Rajshahi poses threat to the indigenous fish species, particularly the small ones as most of the water bodies in the region, especially in the high Barind tract, are now dying continuously, Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha, a Bangladeshi news agency, reported.

Fisheries scientists and specialists said the breeding field and sanctuary of the fish species drastically reduced coupled with siltation in the big rivers and their tributaries, water-bodies, and other wetlands due to water scarcity, the news agency said.

According to Bangladeshi university professors, all varieties of native fish are on the decline because of a drastic fall in surface water resources, he said, adding that the sharp fall in production of local fish resources is also widely blamed on the indiscriminate catching of the mother fish in confined water bodies.

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