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Research and media centres call for enriching world libraries with reliable Shia books

Multiple research and media centers in Iraq have proposed an important idea to enrich the Vatican Library and other world libraries with reliable Shia religious books and sources, making them accessible to researchers and Christian studies students interested in Islamic affairs.

These initiatives, considered significant precedents, stem from proposals put forth by the International Media Center at the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein and the Nabaa Dialogue Forum in Karbala, along with three other centers.

The officials at the centres explained that “enriching these libraries with Shia sources is an urgent necessity to introduce the teachings and ethics of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, and their intellectual and cultural heritage, advocating for peace and social coexistence among all human beings.”

Previously, Thomas Traveni, the Deputy Commissioner-General of the Apostolic Chair in the Vatican, emphasized “the Vatican Library’s keenness to preserve Arabic and Islamic manuscripts and introduce them to the Western world through exhibitions and international forums.”

Traveni stated that “the Vatican Library currently houses rare Arabic historical manuscripts, some of which have been showcased in international exhibitions.”

He also highlighted “the importance of such manuscripts in fostering scientific progress among Westerners, including mathematical, astronomical, and historical sciences.”

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