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Restoration of blessed dome of shrine of Alama Al-Hilli completed

The Secretariat-General of the Shia Shrines in Iraq announced today, Monday, that it had completed rehabilitating dome of the shrine of Alama Muhammad Bin Nama Al-Hilli (may his soul be sanctified) in the province of Babylon, as part of efforts to rebuild the holy shrines and provide the best services to visitors.

The project supervisor, Marwa Saleh Mahdi, said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency: “Maintenance and cladding works of the dome of the shrine of Alama Bin Nama Al-Hilli in Babylon have been completed.”

Mehdi added that “the total area of the blessed dome reached (117 square meters) with a diameter of (6 meters),” pointing out that the work “included the maintenance of the dome from the outside and cladding it with Karbalaei ceramics, which presented it in a new appearance and by Iraqi hands.”

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