Amnesty International calls on Latin America, Caribbean states to end violence against environmental defenders

Amnesty International has highlighted in a new report the pressing need for countries in the Americas to address the rampant violence faced by environmental defenders.

The organization emphasizes the critical role played by these defenders in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. However, many countries in the region still fail to provide adequate protection and support to these individuals and organizations, resulting in tragic consequences.

Amnesty International has called on all states to commit to ending violence against environmental defenders and to uphold their rights. The report sheds light on the alarming lack of protection for environmental human rights groups, organizations, and defenders in the Americas.

Despite the existence of the Escazú Agreement, the first binding treaty in Latin America and the Caribbean that includes provisions for the protection of environmental human rights defenders, the rights organization confirms that less than half of the countries in the region have become parties to the agreement.

The report highlights some of the most dangerous countries for environmental defenders, including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru.

According to the report, Colombia ranks highest globally in terms of the number of land and environmental defenders killed, while Brazil is the second most deadly country for environmental human rights defenders.

Honduras has the highest per capita rate of killings of environmental and land defenders. These statistics underscore the urgent need for states to take immediate action to protect those defending the environment.

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