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Al-Askariyyen Holy Shrine organizes its third scientific conference in Holy Samarra

The Samarra Heritage Centre, Al-Askariyyen Holy Shrine, has held its third scientific conference, with the participation of prominent figures from Iraq and other countries.

The participants, who were from academy, cultural and religious backgrounds, stressed the importance of the shrine in the city; considering it a centre of thought and heritage.

They, through their researches, emphasized that the two Askari Imams made great efforts to preserve the Islamic cultural identity.

The head of the Samara Heritage Center, Dr. Mushtak Al-Asadi, said that: “The third scientific conference was held this year in cooperation with the University of Kufa and (24) other Iraqi universities; with the participation of (237) scientific research from inside and outside Iraq.”

Al-Asadi explained that the conference “included several activities, including Quranic, hadith, jurisprudence, linguistic, and literary studies, as well as studies about the two Infallible Imams, peace be upon them, and honorable women from the house of prophethood.”

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