Prominent Iraqi activist holds huge banquet for more than 17,000 orphans in Baghdad

The prominent Iraqi civil activist and psychological researcher, Hisham Al-Dhahabi, who is widely known as “the Father of Orphans” or “Hope Maker”, has held a huge banquet to feed thousands of orphans, homeless and poor people.

Al-Dhahabi said on Saturday on his official Facebook account that, “a huge banquet was held in Baghdad where more than 17,000 orphans were invited to share a blessed Ramadan iftar together.”

The Iraqi activist is the founder of the initiative “Iraqi House Foundation for Creativity” which provides a safe environment for children, especially the orphans and homeless, to psychologically recover.

Al-Dhahabi is also a lecturer on children’s rights and an author of two books “These Have Made me Human” and “The Homeless: Victims or Criminals”. He has been awarded both locally and across the Arab world for his humanitarian contributions and activities.

It should be mentioned that the banquet was attended by various public figures, officials and social activists, who extended their thanks and appreciation to the organizers, especially Mr. Al-Dhahabi for his hospitality and generosity.

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