Sharp economic downturn makes Tunisians nostalgic for past Ramadans

The daily newspaper “The National” has published a report highlighting the severe economic crisis in Tunisia and its impact on the decline of the traditional festive environment during the holy month of Ramadan.

The report stated that “the food inflation has reached 12.1% since last January,” mentioning that “Tunisians’ fear of food shortages at a time when the country’s government is facing rising prices.”

The newspaper explained that “like Muslims around the world, Ramadan is not just a sacred month for fasting and worship for Tunisians, but also an opportunity to gather families and celebrate local traditions,” emphasizing that “the holy month has turned into another reminder for these families amid growing economic crisis.”

According to the National Institute of Statistics, “an increase in the overall inflation rate in Tunisia for food items, reaching 12.1% since last January, with the highest increases relating to coffee prices by 35%, followed by meat and cooking oils by 23%, while fresh vegetables saw an increase of 19.3%.”

The reports concluded that the drastic change makes Tunisians feel sad and nostalgic for the old days when the arrival of the holy month meant only joy.

Previous Ramadan traditions like large family gatherings have stopped due to the economic downturn, making it only possible for the wealthy to maintain these traditions.

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