Turkish authorities arrest 20 ISIS-linked suspects in anti-terrorism campaign

As part of an investigation launched by the Anti-Terrorism Crimes Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ankara, Turkish authorities today arrested 20 individuals suspected of having links to the terrorist organization ISIS.

A statement issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ankara indicated that the arrest of these suspects was carried out within the framework of an investigation initiated by its Anti-Terrorism Crimes Office against a group suspected of affiliation with ISIS.

The statement added that the suspects were operating in Ankara under the name “Tawhid Magazine,” and that investigations are ongoing with the suspects currently held in the Anti-Terrorism Department in Ankara.

Last Wednesday, Turkish police arrested at least 47 individuals suspected of belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS in five provinces.

In December of last year, Turkish intelligence and security forces arrested a senior ISIS financier responsible for the organization’s financial affairs in an operation conducted in the province of Mersin in southeastern Turkey.

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