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15,000 archaeological sites in Iraq, with less than 10% of them discovered, ministry says

The Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities revealed today that Iraq has 15,000 archaeological sites, noting that less than 10% of these sites have been discovered.

The Deputy Minister, Fadel Al-Badrani, said in an interview with the official newspaper, followed by Shia Waves Agency, that “Iraq has 15,000 archaeological sites, but only less than 10% of these sites have been discovered so far,” pointing out that “Iraq is open to all international parties, including Britain, France, and Germany, to send excavation teams in cooperation with their Iraqi counterparts.”

He emphasized that “Iraq has a very important law for preserving heritage, which is over 200 years old,” citing “the Al-Khulafa Mosque, where a construction company has started its development and rehabilitation processes, including the possibility of straightening its leaning minaret.”

Al-Badrani noted that “last year can be called the year of cultural and artistic achievements for the ministry, which covered all provinces, occupying a wide space in Baghdad in halls, theaters, media and cultural performances.”

He added “we will work during this year to establish a cultural and artistic base so that all departments of the ministry and its institutions stand on solid ground, preparing specific action plans tailored to each department.”

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