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Holy Karbala-based Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation confirms success of its Orphans Charter project

The Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development in Holy Karbala, Iraq has succeeded in its humanitarian project “Charter for the Protection of Orphans in Iraq”.

The foundation’s director Abdul Sahib Al-Kishwan expressed the foundation’s gratitude to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Ahmed al-Asadi, for his recent initiative to include all orphans, elderly, and homeless in the social protection aid.

The foundation had previously submitted a study on the project to the federal government, which included proposed amendments to the Social Protection Authority Law.

Al-Kishwan has called on the central government to approve the proposal to form an independent body to care for and protect orphans in Iraq, similar to the Martyrs and Political Prisoners Foundation.

The foundation aims to provide all necessary services and needs to ensure a dignified life for orphans in their country, not limited to material support.

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