Junta Forces Escalate Attacks in Western Myanmar, Killing at Least 15 Civilians

Myanmar’s junta forces have intensified their assault on ethnic minority insurgents in western Rakhine State, carrying out artillery strikes and airstrikes that have left at least 15 civilians dead and 16 wounded, RFA reported yesterday.

The junta’s air force also bombed a hospital and school on Tuesday in Wea Gyi Daunt village, injuring as many as 20 patients and healthcare workers, the source mentioned.

More than 200 civilians have been killed and nearly 600 have been wounded by air raids, land mines and small and heavy weapons in the six months since November.

Rakhine State is one of several Mynamar regions where fighters trying to end military rule have made advances recently against the junta that seized power from an elected government in early 2021.

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