Indonesian newspaper publishes religious supplications to seek goodness and ward off evil

The Indonesian public newspaper, Creed Hype, published religious supplications and Du’as in Arabic and Latin as well as Indonesian with brief explanations of these works.

The newspaper started its opening article with this Du’a, “Oh God, I seek refuge in You from the hardships of affliction, the grief of misery, the bad judgment, and the gloating of enemies.”

The article also quoted a text from the Morning Du’a, “In the name of God, with whose name nothing harms on earth or in heaven and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.”

At the end of its article, the Indonesian newspaper mentioned daily Du’as that can be recited from morning to evening to for grace and goodness and to ward off evil, including “Oh God, guard us from the evil of enemies with the honor of our leader, the Messenger Muhammad Al-Mustafa, with the honor of Khadija Al-Kubra, with the honor of Fatima Al-Zahra, with the honor of Ali Al-Murtada, and with the honor of the martyr Al-Hussein in Karbala.”

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