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British newspaper publishes article on Holy Arba’een Pilgrimage by Iraqi writer

In light of the growing influence of Iraqi writers and authors in the global community, an Iraqi writer has successfully published an article in English in the British electronic newspapers, the Arba’een Global Network’.

The article, written by Iraqi writer Mustafa al-Hussaini, entitled “Unifying Humanity Through Arbaeen: Embracing Diversity and Shared Values”, addresses the role of the blessed Arbaeen Pilgrimage in achieving human communication and unifying the different heavenly religions under one banner, whose slogan is the love of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

In the article, the writer reviews the reasons and how the Holy Arba’een succeeded in attracting believers from diverse religious backgrounds around the world to the holy city of Karbala.

He based the information on his own experiences with many foreign scientific and academic figures he met during the launch of the ceremonies of this visit in recent years.

The article also shows how this exceptional event has turned into a symbol of religious tolerance, sympathy, and human brotherhood on the one hand, and a mass base for mobilizing morale against injustice, tyranny, and support for the oppressed on the other hand.

In an exclusive interview with Shia Waves Agency, Mr. al-Hussaini expressed his happiness over the international interaction towards his article, saying that it is “a pleasure for him that the voice of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, travels through the world, creating such effective and influential communication on international media platforms”.

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