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Mesbah Al-Hussein Foundation discusses border crossings development with Basra government

A delegation from Mesbah Al-Hussein Foundation, for Relief and Development, based in Holy Karbala, has discussed the issue of border crossings with the local government of Basra.

The visiting delegation discussed with the officials of Basra province the horizons of developing and rehabilitating the border crossings to facilitate the movement of the Arab and foreign pilgrims during the Arbaeen Pilgrimage of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

The Deputy Governor of Basra, Dr, Durgham Al-Ajwadi, received the delegation and appreciation their visit to deliver the message of the pilgrims of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, in this regard.

It should be mentioned that Mesbah Al-Hussein Foundation is intensifying its efforts to serve the Cause of Imam Hussein, especially through its project “Karbala Vision: 50 million pilgrims during the Arbaeen Pilgrimage 2030.

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