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Imam Hussein Holy Shrine reveals service plans for Mid-Sha’aban Massive Pilgrimage

Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has announced that all medical plans and measures to serve pilgrims on Mid-Sha’ban Massive Pilgrimage have been laid, confirming that 800 of their employees and 200 volunteers are taking part in these plans.

Medical Services Director, Abbas Abid Ali Hassan, said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency that, “Medical units have been spread inside and outside Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, especially in overcrowded areas near Sahib al-Zaman Site, where large number of pilgrims will be gathering.”

Hassan added that, “About 90 paramedics will be sent with stretchers to ensure the rapid evacuation of patients”, noting that, “the Medical Committee has installed an advanced emergency center on Aqeela Zainab Courtyard, with ambulances ready to transfer patients.”

He concluded, “The plan laid in cooperation with Karbala Health Department and the Operations Department, as all centers and hospitals affiliated with the Medical Authority of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine will be carrying out this plan.”

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