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Iraq’s Parliament votes to declare “Eid al-Ghadir” an official holiday

The Iraqi parliament voted on Wednesday on a proposal for an official holiday law in the country, including the holiday of “Eid al-Ghadir.”

A parliamentary source stated that the parliament voted on the specific article of the official holiday law, including “Eid al-Ghadir,” as part of the agenda of the 26th session of the fifth electoral term of the third legislative year/first legislative chapter, with 167 MPs in attendance.

The official holiday law includes around 11 days per year, in addition to the general official holidays of Friday and Saturday, with the Cabinet having the authority to cancel the Saturday holiday when necessary.

In this context, the acting speaker of the parliament, Mohsen al-Mandlawi, emphasized that the proposed official holiday law aims to highlight the occasions related to the life and feelings of the Iraqi people and to organize official holidays in the country.

Al-Mandlawi further explained that the presidency of the parliament gave special attention to the proposed official holiday law and ensured that the 18th of Dhu al-Hijjah is designated as a public holiday, symbolizing “the day of Ghadir” for the majority of Iraqis, due to the status of “Amir al-Mu’minin Ali, peace be upon him”.

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