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More than 4M mourners commemorate painful martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali in Holy Najaf

According to statistics released by Imam Ali Holy Shrine, more than 4 million visitors from inside and outside Iraq have commemorated the painful anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, in Holy Najaf; amidst exceptional efforts in service, security, and health procedures.

The Secretariat-General of the Holy Shrine said in a statement received by Shia Waves Agency: “The holy shrine of Imam Ali witnessed a massive pilgrimage in which approximately 4,732,680 visitors participated.”

The service, security, media, hospitality, and other main and supporting departments provided the best services to the visitors and ensured a great and smooth atmosphere during the blessed pilgrimage days, the Secretariat-General said.

The numbers of pilgrims were as expected, with an increase from the previous year’s visit by about a million visitors from various Iraqi provinces, as well as Arab and foreign visitors, including officials and diplomatic figures.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Najaf, Youssef Kanaoui, announced the participation of more than 5 million pilgrims in commemorating the blessed visitation at the holy Alawi shrine, confirming the success of the security and service plans.

Shia Waves correspondent in Najaf reported that “the atmosphere of the million-person pilgrimage in the city of Najaf was at a high level of security protection and providing various services to the Husseini mourners.”

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