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Millions of Shia celebrate blessed birth anniversary of Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mujtaba

The Secretariat-General of the Holy Shia Shrines confirmed the success of the festivals and events held in honor of the auspicious occasion of the birth of the great grandson of the Holy Prophet, Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mujtaba, peace be upon the.

The joyous ceremonies featured various religious, intellectual, and cultural activities, with the presence of large numbers of Shia followers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, rejoicing over the commemoration of the birth of their Imam, Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mujtaba, peace be upon him.

The holy shrines in Iraq received millions of visitors during the blessed birth night and day, both from Iraq and world countries, who honored this great occasion, the Secretariat-General said.

It continued that these ceremonies successfully shed light on the exceptional personality of Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mujtaba, peace be upon him, and his great legacy, including his significant sacrifices for the sake of Islam and Muslims, until his martyrdom.

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