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Al-Askariyyin Holy Shrine holds its 3rd annual festival “The Seal of the Guardians”

Al-Askariyyin Holy Shrine in Samarra held its third annual international festival, “The Seal of the Guardians,” under the slogan “The Shining of the Sky on the Land of Samarra” on the occasion of the blessed birth anniversary of the awaited Imam al-Mahdi, may Allah Almighty hasten his honourable reappearance.

The event was attended by a large gathering of scholars and dignitaries from the religious seminary in Najaf, as well as political and security figures.

It is worth mentioning that the Holy Shrine is dedicated to organizing the festival “The Seal of the Guardians” coinciding with the anniversary of the birth of Imam Aa-Mahdi, the awaited savior, for three consecutive days.

The festival included a Quranic recitation session, a poetry evening, a photo exhibition, religious chants, and an Arabic calligraphy exhibition with participation from 12 countries, 26 calligraphers, and 4 specialized centers.

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