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750 Husseini Mawakib participate in commemorating Mid-Sha’ban Pilgrimage in Holy Karbala

The Department of Rituals and Processions at the Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein and Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas, peace be upon them, has announced the participation of 750 Husseini Mawakib in reviving the Mid-Sha’ban Pilgrimage.

The head of the Department of Rituals, Processions, and Hussaini Organizations in Iraq and the Islamic world, Aqeel Al-Yasiri, stated in a press release that “the registered Mawakib in the department reached 750 within the administrative borders of Karbala, distributed in the center of the old city and its outskirts.”

Al-Yasiri mentioned that “the department has started issuing legal permits for service Mawakib participating in the visitation of the mid-Sha’ban, in cooperation with the Karbala Police Department.”

The Mid-Sha’ban is one of the million-person pilgrimages the holy city of Karbala hosts every year, to mark the blessed birth anniversary of Imam al-Mahdi, peace be upon him.

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