Ten people killed by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria

Boko Haram terrorists have killed ten people and burned houses in Borno state, northeast Nigeria, according to Nigerian authorities.

Security sources said that these terrorists, who are suspected of belonging to the Boko Haram terrorist group, arrived in Romergo village on trucks equipped with machine guns.

The group confirmed that their attackers "killed 10 people in indiscriminate fire, forcing the residents to flee.”

The terrorists also burned dozens of houses, and took over supplies and two food-carrying trailers.

The village of Askera Oba, near the Sampiza forest where Boko Haram bases are located, is under frequent attack. Last month, three Nigerian soldiers were killed in the area during a confrontation with ISIS militants in West Africa.

The conflict between the Nigerian armed forces and Boko Haram has resulted in 36,000 deaths since 2009, and led to the displacement of two million people, according to the United Nations, as the extremist group expanded its activities to Niger, Chad and neighboring Cameroon.

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