China: Coronavirus' death toll has decreased in the past two days

Although the overall death toll from those infected with the coronavirus is high in China, the number of daily deaths has decreased in the past two days compared to the previous days, with 52 deaths recorded in 24 hours.

The Chinese authorities said today that the total number of infected people has reached 78 thousand.

The National Health Commission of China announced that, according to the latest data of 31 provinces, 52 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed dead, bringing the total number of deaths to 2715 people, confirmed infections to 78,064 cases, 29 thousand of which were treated. ”

The commission said in its daily update of statistics related to the outbreak of the pandemic that the number of new people infected with the virus during the past 24 hours reached 406 people, the majority of them (401) residing in Hubei Province.


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