British writer reviews 15 Islamic cities

The British writer, Justin Marozzi, through his book “Islamic Empires”, reviewed the most important 15 cities in the Islamic world.

The book includes 525 pages, in which the author introduces Islamic cities and the great leaders in the Islamic world.

The writer says in the beginning of his book, "The Islamic government was established in the seventh century AD with the emergence of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, and in the twenty-first century AD, the Islamic religion still reigns in many countries." The Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and parts of the Indian subcontinent were known for centuries as the kingdoms of Islam, and many Islamic cities became places of art, power, trade, and Islamic thought.

In this book, published in the English language, Marozzi touched on the history and characteristics of the three important cities of Mecca, Constantinople, and Beirut.


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