Myanmar prisons are overwhelmed with Rohingya detainees, including children

Fortify Rights called on the Myanmar government to release 95 Rohingya, whom they had recently detained, and to end the broad and discriminatory restrictions on the Rohingya right to freedom of movement.

The Arakan News Agency reported that the Southeast Asian non-governmental organization published footage showing dozens of Rohingya men, women and children in overcrowded cells in the Irrawaddy province, whom the Myanmar authorities arrested on November 29 for traveling without permission.

"The real shots Rohingya have faced for decades have demonstrated the government's intention to destroy them," said Matthew Smith, the organization's chief executive.

The video clip, filmed on December 2 and published by Fortify Rights, also shows dozens of Rohingya behind bars at an Irrawaddy police station. Among the detainees are 44 women and 23 children, including 20 girls and three boys and are believed to include two children under the age of four. .

According to witnesses who visited detainees in prison, it appears that two of the detained children are suffering from the disease and need medical treatment.


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