Indians killed in protests rejecting discrimination against Muslims

At least two people were killed and hundreds of others injured in protests against a controversial law that discriminated against Muslims in India, after the authorities' crackdown on protests rejecting racism.

India is experiencing significant social unrest against the backdrop of its parliament approving a controversial legal amendment, which would facilitate the granting of nationality to refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, provided they are not Muslim.

Reuters reported that clashes erupted Friday in the capital, New Delhi, between security forces and hundreds of Islamic University students protesting the controversial legal amendment, stressing that the police used tear gas and sticks to disperse the protesters.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets to express their rejection of the new law, but they were repressed by the authorities.

On Friday, the United Nations Office for Human Rights expressed its concern that India's new nationality law "essentially discriminates in its nature" with the exception of Muslims, and called for its review.


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