Saudi coalition prevents the entry of a cancer treatment device to Yemen

The Minister of Health in Sanaa, Taha Al-Mutawakkil, confirmed that the Saudi coalition has prevented the entry of the radiological system for treating cancerous tumors to Yemen, noting that the coalition justified its refusal under the pretext of using it in military industrialization.

Al-Mutawakkil said in a statement that the coalition targeted more than 600 health facilities and this is a war crime that must be punished. The child mortality rate exceeded 400,000 annually in the country.

Al-Mutawakkil called for the urgent opening of Sanaa airport so that patients can travel abroad for treatment, and that the world must stand firm in the face of the Saudi genocide against the children of Yemen.

On Tuesday, the Ministries of Human Rights and Information launched an electronic campaign to highlight "violations and crimes against the Yemeni human rights during the 5 years of aggression and siege."


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