WHO: Malaria kills a child every two minutes

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that the battle against malaria has been stifled as millions of people continue to be infected with mosquito-borne disease, especially on the African continent.

Malaria still affects millions every year and kills more than 400,000 people, most of them children in Africa, because of efforts to control the mosquito-borne disease, the WHO said.

The Organization warns that funding for the disease is generally poor, noting that half the world's population is at risk because it is transmitted by mosquitoes.

The World Health Organization has called on donor countries and governments of countries where the disease is spreading to intensify efforts to combat it, according to Reuters.

"The world has shown that progress is possible, but also a marked decline in malaria cases and deaths since 2010," WHO malaria expert Pedro Alonso told a news briefing.


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