Free Muslim hails the Houthis for releasing some prisoners of war

The International Nonviolence Organization (Free Muslim) is expressing its blessing and praise with the recent initiative by the Ansarallah Houthis for releasing a number of unfortunate prisoners of war, calling for the release of all prisoners held in accordance with international human rights standards, stressing the initiative to stop the ongoing war.

Ansarallah recently released more than 290 prisoners of war, including a number of Saudi soldiers, under the direct supervision of the United Nations and its international representative, Martin Griffiths, as a unilateral initiative that seeks to calm and stop the ongoing war in Yemen.

The organization believes that any action that comes in the context of good intentions and aims to stop the war is a wise step that parties to the ongoing conflict must take, especially after the heavy human and material losses suffered by all parties without exception.

The organization stresses the need to intensify international and regional efforts to stop the war and put pressure on all parties in order to reduce the damage and suffering suffered by Yemeni citizens as a result of the ongoing fighting, warning of the danger of turning a blind eye to calls for peace launched by those seeking to end the war, indicating that the great powers is responsible to stop the war by putting pressure on all parties directly and indirectly.


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