One in every 108 people on the planet has been displaced, says UN Refugee Agency


More than 70 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to violence or persecution, the United Nations has said, as the global migrant crisis pushed the number of refugees and displaced people to an all-time high.

The world's displaced population is now almost double that from a decade ago, and includes an estimated 13.6 million people who fled their homes in 2018, according to the UN Refugee Agency's annual Global Trends Report.

It is a rise of 2.3 million on last year's figure, and includes 25.9 million refugees -- also the highest number ever recorded.

Overall, an average of 37,000 people are forced from their homes every day, the report said, and one in every 108 people on the planet is now displaced.

More than two-thirds of refugees came from just five nations: Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar and Somalia. A further 41.3 million people worldwide were displaced within their own countries, and 3.5 million were recorded as asylum seekers.

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