Eighth of month of Shawwal: Demolition anniversary of Baqee graves



The eighth day of Shawwal coincides with the anniversary of the demolition of the Baqee graves. 

The Wahhabis vandalized and destroyed the holy shrines of four imams on this day in 1344 AH. Shias mark the Eighth of Shawwal to be the World Baqee Day, on which they hold mourning ceremonies and protests in front of Saudi embassies, demanding the reconstruction of the holy shrines.

On Friday, protestswill be held in the United States, Canada and Britain in front of Saudi embassies to commemorate the anniversary and call for the reconstruction of the holy shrines.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia, where the religion of Islam was initiated, contains valuable ancient antiquities dating back to hundreds of years, such as the shrine of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and shrines of four infallible imams, peace be upon them, which were destroyed by Wahhabisunder the pretext of polytheism.


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