An Indian citizen calls on the city of Medina to rebuild Baqee al-Gharqad shrines


A Shia citizen of India demanded to rebuild the shrines of Baqee Algharqad of the infalliable Imams, peace be upon them, calling on Shias around the world to demand the reconstruction. Kawthar Ali Bek from Hyderabad called for the reconstruction of the Baqee al-Gharqad, especially the tombs of the imams of Baqee, peace be upon them, and at the same time he called on the Shias of the world to demand for the reconstruction. Bek raised a banner in three languages: Arabic, Persian and English that says "rebuild Baqee Paradise." In a statement, the Imam al-Shirazi Wold Foundation called on the Saudi authorities to rebuild al-Baqee Shrines, referring to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's statement to the New York Times that there was no Wahhabism in the kingdom.



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