Arab and international media: Increasing racism towards non-Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland

Arab and international media have confirmed that Ukrainians are still flocking to the border with Poland.
According to press reports, there is racism towards non-Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland, noting that Arab youths fleeing Ukraine suffer from racist practices towards them.
The reports explained that 5,000 refugees are expected to arrive today at a crossing on the Polish border.
Simultaneously, the United Nations admitted that “some non-European refugees have faced racism while trying to flee to safety on the border of Ukraine.”
The Independent Newspaper said that the High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi admitted in a statement issued Tuesday to this matter.
“UNHCR is aware of reports of individuals facing challenges entering Poland from Ukraine and is following up with them,” Kristin Pirovolaki, External Relations Officer at UNHCR UK, told the newspaper.
“We call for access to safety for all, regardless of their legal status, nationality and ethnicity, in addition to obtaining asylum for those who wish to seek asylum,” she stressed.

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