People urge ‘Love A Muslim Day’ in solidarity with Muslims


People have responded to letters calling for April 3 to be “Punish a Muslim Day” with pledges to protect and show solidarity with Muslims.

Anonymous letters sent to homes and businesses in the UK last month included a points-based system for various degrees of verbal and physical violence against Muslims.  MPs were among those to receive the letters, which later spread to the US. 

But the calls for violence have been met with defiant campaigns calling for people to show solidarity with Muslims. 

A spoof of the original letter calling for people to “love a Muslim” has gone viral on social media. 

It tells people they can earn points from smiling at a Muslim, or buying them coffee and cake. It also encourages people to organize fundraising events for Muslims suffering in countries including Myanmar, Yemen and Syria, or to invite a Muslim colleague to your home, Euronews reported. 

On the 3rd April, don't listen to the bigots and their "Punish a Muslim" day, instead let's show that our communities won't be divided, that hope is better than fear and we have more in common


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