Spain to finally implement plan for teaching Islam in schools


It has been twenty-five years since the Spanish government and the country’s Islamic organizations reached an agreement on teaching Islam in schools.

But it was only in March 2016 that the guidelines on how Islam will be taught in Spanish schools were approved by the education ministry.

However, the plan for teaching Islam in schools was not implemented in the current school year. Now, Spain’s education ministry has announced that it will be implemented started from the next school year.

According to the paper Le Vante, the government plans to hold meetings with representatives of the Muslim community on the issue.

Students will learn about Islam’s core beliefs and Islamic values such as equality, peaceful coexistence, patience, dialogue and moderation.

It comes as the number of Muslim students is rising in Spain, especially in certain parts of the Western European country, including Andalusia, the Canary Islands and the Basque region.


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