Over 100 to attend European Quran contest in Sweden


The fifth edition of a European Quran contest will kick off in the Swedish capital of Stockholm on Friday.

The city’s Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center will host the event, held on the occasion of Eid al-Ghadir.

Rahmatollah Bayat, the head of the center’s Dar-ol-Quran, told IQNA that more than 100 people from different nationalities have signed up for the competition.

Quran recitation, memorization and Adhan (call to prayers) are the categories of the event, he said, adding that women will compete in the field of Quranic concepts.

According to Bayat, the competition will run until Sunday.

Most of the participants are coming from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, and Italy, he further said.

Bayat noted that the contest was previously organized as the Quran competition of Northern Europe.

Earlier, Aqil Zahiri, another official with the center, told IQNA that he said the contest used to be held under the title of Northern Europe Quran Competition but, due to requests from Qaris and memorizers from other European countries, the center is going to host Quran activists from across the continent this year.


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