CAIR Urges Arrest of Caller Threatening to Blow Up Georgia Mosque



The Georgia Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling for the arrest of the man who called in multiple death threats to an Augusta mosque over the past two months.

"We are going to raise arms and we are going to blow the heads off of Muslim people in this country,” the caller said on the voice message. "I don’t mean that we are going to just harass you. We are going to kill you.”

CAIR officials would not identify the mosque because they said it fears reprisals. They said local and federal law enforcement officers are searching for the caller.

"So this started in mid-June,” Georgia CAIR communications director Ruwa Romman said. "A mosque who has asked to remain anonymous because they don’t want any more threats. They’ve actually been threatened before.”

The phone calls come from a Missouri area code, but Rommansaid it could be coming from a mobile phone anywhere in the United States.

The caller threatened to shoot and blow up the mosque, and claimed he was part of larger organization targeting Muslims.

Georgia CAIR’s community outreach director, Asma Elhuni, said the caller could be facing federal charges.


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