History textbook with no mention of Islam causes controversy in Florida


A new world history textbook for middle school students is facing criticism for not discussing Islam.

The school board in Seminole County approved the National Geographic book for sixth graders this week, despite three written objections.

“The entire Islamic culture has been omitted,” Chuluota resident Alan Kornman told board members. “I find that incredible that this book could go through the review process and that not come up.”

The book titled “World History Ancient Civilizations” includes passages on several religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism, but no mentions of Islam.

Kornman said students should get equal representation of each religion.

The district has approximately 4,300 sixth grade students who are scheduled to begin using the text this fall.

The imam at the Islamic Center of Orlando said he plans to meet with his members this weekend and decide whether to get involved in the debate. 



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