Windsor teacher threatened for wearing a hijab


A Windsor teacher whose three young children were traumatized as their mother was threatened and verbally abused by a stranger, simply for wearing a hijab, is hoping to use the incident to help educate the community about the ugliness of discrimination.

“I’m hoping to have an open dialogue — Muslims are a fabric of our community,” said Dalal Boulbol

It was a piece of fabric wrapped around her head, while she was driving her kids to school Thursday morning that appeared to trigger the fury of a motorist in the next lane at a red light.

The middle-aged woman in the other vehicle rolled down her window, so Boulbol did likewise, thinking someone might be looking for directions. What followed, she said, was a foul-mouthed stream of obscenity-laden curses and threats.

Remy Boulbol said its “crazy” that, as a Windsor citizen , she’s expected to answer for the terrorist acts of someone from a foreign land, just because they share the same religion.

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