US anti-Muslim attacks hitting record high


The wave of Islamophobia sweeping across the US has hit an all-time record high with reports of firebombed mosques, and Muslim women being attacked in public.  

A recent report states that two women verbally assaulted at a restaurant in Texas; arson striking a Somali restaurant in North Dakota; threatening phone calls and letters sent to a mosque in New Jersey; and the beating of a Muslim shopkeeper in New York are just some of the dozens of reported hate crimes and bias incidents that have taken place in recent weeks, according to a tally maintained by USA Today.

On Sunday, two mosques in Hawthorne, California became were the latest that were targeted in a string of anti-Muslim attacks that are on now on the rise since an extremist couple killed 14 people and injured 21 more at a terrorist attack on a holiday party in San Bernardino.


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