A suicide bomber targets Shia Muslims in Nigeria and scores martyred


Scores of Nigerian Shia Muslims were martyred as a bomb was detonated among the procession at Dakasoye village, an outskirt of Kura town.

The suicide bomber targeted Shia Muslims when they were marching in a procession to the city of Zaria in Northern Nigeria for commemorating the day of Arbaeen.

Sign of occurrence was first reported when a suspected bomber was arrested with a round of bomb belt tied to his waist in Kura town.

Upon interrogation, the bomber confessed two of them were sent from Mubi to Sambisa and finally Gwammaja Quarters in Kano for a suicide mission to kill Shias during the Arbaeen trek.

While manhunt for the second bomber on the loose was going on, the bomber detonated the bomb among the trekkers.

One of the organizers also said the attacker “was dressed in black like everyone else. His accomplice was initially arrested and confessed they were sent by Boko Haram."

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