Indonesia reveals centuries-old Qur’an


The Indonesian province of Aceh has shown centuries-old hand written manuscripts of Qur’an during an Islamic exhibition held in Nagan Raya.

Written by Sheikh Malik Ibrahim 700 years ago, the ancient manuscripts of Qur’an were stored in Mugo, West Aceh.

The 700-year-old manuscripts, previously known as PantoReu, were not among the 62 ancient Qur'an manuscripts aged 300-500 year old and displayed at the government museum in Nagan Raya, West Aceh.

The revelation of the Indonesian centuries-old Qur’an manuscripts comes almost two weeks after finding another copy of the holy book that is deemed one of the world’s oldest copies of the holy Qur’an in India.

Indian historians described the 410-year-old Qur’an copy as a “piece of art."


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