With the help of believers from around the world, Imam Hussein TV1&3 overcome their financial crisis


Coinciding with the auspicious birth anniversary of the Commander of Faithful, Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib, peace be upon him, IHTV1&3 managed to overcome their financial crisis with the help of a large number of adherers of Ahlul Bait, peace be upon them, from various parts of the world.

Head of Public Relations Department at IHTV group said that dozens of believers have donated to the channels from America, Europe, and Asia to provide half of the money that the two channels need to pay their debts.

He added that many believers also offered to sell their organs to help the channels in overcoming the financial crisis; however the channels rejected such offers.

IHTV 1&3 express their thankfulness to all those who helped in a way or another in solving their financial problems.

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