Sindh Health Director visits headquarters of Imam Hussein Media Group in Karbala


The Director of the Oral and Dental Health Department at Pakistan’s Sindh Province, Dr. Jawad Hussain Shah, and his accompanying delegation visited the headquarters of Imam Hussein Media Group in Karbala.

Dr. Shah met with the Group’s General Supervisor Sheikh Mustafa Mohammadi. 

Sheikh Mohammadi stressed the importance of maintaining the status of the Shias in Pakistan, enhancing their political position and paying attention to their situation, noting the role and efforts of the media group in bringing the voice and grievance of all Shias to all parts of the world.

Sheikh Mohammadi called on the Pakistani government to do more to combat terrorism and genocide of Shias in Pakistan.

For his part, Dr. Hussein Shah promised that he will make all his efforts after returning to serve Shias and support the Shia community more than before in the country.

At the end of the meeting, the Sheikh gifted a banner blessed by Imam Hussein Holy Shrine to the guest delegation.


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